About Us

We have always loved beautiful well made furniture and accessories. That passion is at the heart of everything we do at Dilly Dally in the centre of Pocklington. In our newly refurbished shop you will find an ever-changing range of inspirational home-wares. Sourced from all over the UK and further afield, they are part of our ongoing quest to find things which are a tad more individual. There are few things we enjoy more than scouring English and French markets. Everything from antiques, to handmade decorative items and fabrics to unusual and sometimes peculiar pieces of furniture, we are always searching for that one special item. Louise’s passion for furniture and gifts didn’t just start when she opened The Vintage Corner in 2012. At just four years old she became involved in ‘decorative’ painting. Her older brother and sister were trusted to look after her one day, but when their parents came home they discovered everything in the kitchen had been daubed with baby blue gloss paint – including the fridge, table, fireplace and even the kettle! Instead of telling her off, her parents praised her creativity while her siblings were tasked with cleaning up her first works. Their encouragement fuelled a lifelong passion for transforming furniture, rooms and, ultimately, homes. It was natural for her to eventually move into property renovation, which she did for many years. At the same time, she sold her vintage finds and painted furniture online or to the trade, until one day she was ready to pull everything together under one roof and open the shop. She was determined to offer customers a range of beautiful alternatives to the run-of-the-mill items so often seen in the mainstream stores. As a result, we source, upcycle and sell one-off pieces, alongside old and new home-wares and gifts. We also sell a wide selection of Annie Sloan chalk paints and hold painting workshops so customers can give old furniture a new life. It’s all part of wanting to share our passion for beautiful furniture and accessories with likeminded customers. We advise them not to ‘dilly dally’ and just snap things up when they see them, for tomorrow they will probably be gone….